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・ Tresures from the Silk Road −Islamic Art from the 10th-19th century−
  シルクロードの至宝 2005 展示作品写真1   シルクロードの至宝 2005 展示作品写真2  
  Size : 7 3/8'' (19cm) height
Period : 19th century
Condition : Intact - Excellent condition
Persian Slip-Painted Blue Glazed Pottery Jar Description
Brilliant turquoise blue glazed pottery jar painted with bands of black in a drapery design. Unusual ribbed texture to body.
  Size : 5 1/2''
Period : 18th century
Condition : Excellent
A Samarkhand Silver Ewer, 18th century Description
Silver ewer with incised body and bird finials.
  シルクロードの至宝 2005 展示作品写真3   シルクロードの至宝 2005 展示作品写真4  
  Size : 7 1/4'' (18cm) diam
Period : 9th/10th century AD
Condition : Repaired (all original pieces)
A Nishapur Slip-Painted Pottery Bowl, Islamic Description
A 9th century Nishapur slip painted pottery bowl in manganese-brown and yellow depicting two birds. Decorated on the exterior with circular and triangular shaped designs.
  Size : 6'' x 4 5/8''
Period : 12th century
Condition : very good
Persian Lustre Decorated Pottery Tile Description
A lustre decorated border tile with Islamic inscription in cobalt blue against scrolling arabesque design.
  シルクロードの至宝 2005 展示作品写真5   シルクロードの至宝 2005 展示作品写真6  
  Size : 7 3/4'' x 7 3/4''
Period : late 19th century
Condition : excellent
Qajar Tile, Persia 19th century, Islamic Description
A lovely Qajar tile with central rose and arabesque design. Iran late 19th century.
  Size : Diameter 28 cm
Period : 9th/10th century
Condition : Repaired (all original)
A Nishapur Polychrome Glazed Pottery Plate Description
Nishapur Plate, Iran 10th century, A Pottery plate with splashes of purple green and yellow paint. Influenced by the Chinese San Sai ware of the Tang dynasty.
Published : Habib Anavian Collection, Iranian Art >From The 8th Century to 19th Century, #1
  シルクロードの至宝 2005 展示作品写真7   シルクロードの至宝 2005 展示作品写真8  
  Size : 10'' x 10''
Period : Qajar, 19th century
Condition : Excellent
A Persian Tile, Esfahan, 19th century Description
Geometric moulded and painted pottery tile with eight pointed star design.
  Size : 5 5/8 x 3 1/8 (14 x 8 cm)
Period : 18-19 century
Condition : Excellent
A Qajar Persian Ebony Comb Description
A fine Qajar hand carved wooden comb from the 18th-19th century. Made of ebony wood with two cartouches of Islamic inscription. Intact and in perfect condition.
  シルクロードの至宝 2005 展示作品写真9      
  Size : height 18" (45cm)
Period : 17th century
Condition : Intact
Safavid Cuerda Seca Pottery Tile Description
A Safavid pottery tile with blue background with greens, yellows and black. Depicting a prancing horse with flowers in forground.

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