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・ シルクロードの至宝 −ペルシャ・イスラムの美術− 2006
  シルクロードの至宝 2006 展示作品写真1   シルクロードの至宝 2006 展示作品写真2  
  Achaemenid Bronze Lion Weight
【Size】 2 1/4” (5.7cm)
【Period】 500-300 BC
【Condition】 fine, bronze handle broken in antiquity
【Description】 An interesting bronze weight in the form of a lion with large protruding eyes and rounded hind quarters. Very rare.
  Sasanian Bronze Ram Figurine
【Size】 3 1/4” (8.3cm)
【Period】 4th - 6th century AD
【Condition】 Old repair to bottom of hind legs
【Description】 A Sasanian bronze figure of a ram with highly detailed horns and facial features. The figure wears a collar with pendant. Horns are drilled through in two sections and then carved to give an open circular appearance. Unusual.
  シルクロードの至宝 2006 展示作品写真3   シルクロードの至宝 2006 展示作品写真4  
  Syrian Terracotta Figure of a Mouse
【Size】 length 3 3/8” (8.5cm)
【Period】 10th century AD
【Condition】 very good
【Description】 A childs toy figure of a mouse. Early Islamic, Syrian.
  A Samarkhand Silver Ewer
【Size】 5 1/2”
【Period】 18th century
【Condition】 Excellent
【Description】 Silver ewer with incised body and bird finials.
  シルクロードの至宝 2006 展示作品写真5   シルクロードの至宝 2006 展示作品写真6  
  A Collection of Glazed Pottery Ink Pots
【Size】 heights 2-3” (5-8cm)
【Period】 12th century
【Condition】 All intact except for one - some minor chipping
【Description】 A collection of nine Seljuk period pottery ink pots. The majority done in turquoise and blues with bands of geometric designs emminating from the rim vertically to the base. One lajvardina ware and another with calligraphy.
  Four Ancient Bronze Pins with Animal Heads
【Size】 The tallest pin is 5 3/8”
【Period】 ca.1000 BC
【Condition】 Very good condition
【Description】 Comprised of a Luristan Ibex pin with Stylized bird on its back. A Roman bird / goose pin, A Byzantine bird pin and a pin in the forms of a bull (possibly an Egyptian Apis Bull). Ages are from 1000 BC to the 5th century AD.
  シルクロードの至宝 2006 展示作品写真7   シルクロードの至宝 2006 展示作品写真8  
  Nishapur White Slip Painted Pottery Bowl
【Size】 Dismeter 9 1/2” (23.2cm)
【Period】10th century
【Condition】 repaired
【Description】 A shallow bowl covered with white slip painted with designs in polychrome red, brown and green. Although the central rosette and the surrounding narrow red band with white dots are commonly found on Nishapur ceramics, the border pattern of intermittent curls is unusual. (Compare Charles Wilkinson, Nishapur : Pottery of the Early Islamic Period, figs.28 and 29, p.152.)
  Northwest Iranian Pottery Bird Headed Rhyton
【Size】 7” (18cm) length
【Period】 1500 BC
【Condition】 very good (intact)
【Description】 Northwest Iranian earthware pottery rhyton in the form of a bird. Ca 1500 - 1000 BC.
  シルクロードの至宝 2006 展示作品写真9      
  A Perthian Glazed Ceramic Urn with Handles
【Size】 height 40cm
【Period】 3rd - 5th century
【Condition】 Very Good
【Description】 A ceramic turquoise glazed urn from the Parthian Dynasty with braided handles. Circa 3rd to 4th century AD.
【Provinance】 Habib Anavian, New York

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